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Why not take the opportunity to enjoy an active holiday in the incredible surroundings of Costa de Almería?

Mar de Pulpí is a paradise for rest and relaxation as well as being the perfect place for sport and exercise, wellness, health and an endless list of activities to be enjoyed in the warm Mediterranean climate.

With some first-class sports facilities, equipment rental services and our professional coaches, Mar de Pulpí is ideal for practising sport at all levels and is suitable for all age groups.

Boot Camp Fitness Mar de Pulpí

The Boot Camp strengthens your mind and body through a series of exercises over the course of a few days, guaranteeing good results.

The schedule is designed by a specialised instructor, who will include outdoor exercises, exercises next to the sea, and intense aerobics for strength, stamina and flexibility, such as: Sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, push-ups, skipping rope, running and stretching; without forgetting the necessary recovery breaks.

The Boot Camp is recommended for people who need discipline, motivation and want to burn calories. So if you are bored of the gym, this is the activity for you!

Furthermore, we offer personal training advice for those looking for specific information on how to achieve their own personal goals.

Leave your worries behind and come and enjoy a weekend of fitness activities in the sunshine of Mar de Pulpí.

Price per person: from 178 euros. Accommodation and full board.

Cycling Training Camp

The Mar de Pulpí team of trainers has prepared a general training programme for everyone attending the training camp.

Athletes will be told about the programme before each session. This will be the time to raise any issues or suggest changes.

A support vehicle will follow the group to provide any assistance required. The vehicle will carry a minimum amount of food and drink for each route, as well as basic tools for mechanical assistance. No cyclist will be left behind the main group.

Strength and Conditioning

At the Mar de Pulpí Holiday Sports Centre, we have a newly-built and fully-equipped gym for practising all sorts of complementary strength and conditioning exercises for triathlon. Use of the gym, as well as being part of the programme, will be available during non-training hours for those athletes wishing to use it.

Price per person: from 510 euros.

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Weekend Golf Mar de Pulpí

Beach, sun, tranquility and your favorite sport

Discover our Mar de Pulpí Mediterranean Village while enjoying your favourite sport. Sand, sun, tranquillity and everything you need to have fun.

Price per person 175 euros (inc. VAT). The price includes:

  • Two nights’ accommodation in a fully-equipped apartment with breakfast included
  • One green fee per person at the “El Aguilón” golf course four kilometres away
  • A special welcome dinner at one of the restaurants on our complex.
  • The option of additional excursions and sports activities

Relax Package

By taking a personal retreat in Mar de Pulpí, you will be able to disconnect from your day-to-day life, relax in every sense of the word, and connect with your inner peace and wisdom while cleansing body, mind and soul.

Everyone can benefit from a few days of relaxation in a calm atmosphere which provides the opportunity to embrace tranquillity and cleanse ourselves of all our unnecessary baggage, replenishing our energy and enthusiasm.

Each person has their own unique goals and reasons for seeking a weekend of relaxation. Some seek a retreat to rest and improve their well-being. In Mar de Pulpí, we will help you create the ideal plan to suit your relaxation needs for the duration of your stay with us.

What does the Pack Relax offers?

The relax weekend has been designed to include relaxing and motivational activities full of energy. The accommodation we offer is perfect for complete disconnection from the outside world. The food at our restaurant is meticulously prepared with special care so you can also experience well-being through taste.

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Water Sports

If you love water sports, Mar de Pulpí is the place for you. Choose from three activities in which you get to enjoy the sea and the magnificent Mediterranean climate.


Choose from three different routes and explore the magnificent coastline of San Juan de los Terreros. The trips take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:00.

  • Route 1: Isla de Terreros and coastal bay. 3 hours 30 minutes. Participants must be 14 or over. €40 per person.
  • Route 2: Bahía de Terreros with a stop in San Juan de los Terreros. 2 hours 30 minutes. €25 adults, €15 children.
  • Route 3: Tour of the house caves of San Juan de los Terreros. 2 hours. €15 adults, €10 children.

Minimum group size six people, maximum ten.

Paddle Surf

Have you ever dreamt of riding the waves on a surfboard? You don’t need to be a master of the seas; Stand Up Paddle is within reach of all! And with the help of our guides, it’s a piece of cake. Are you ready?

Available: Freestyle rental – Beginner and Intermediate guided routes – Initiation courses..


Did you know that the Pulpí coast has 6,000 hectares of posidonia seagrass meadows and that they are the best-preserved in the whole Mediterranean? Now you can enjoy this magnificent marine spectacle with one of the three packages on offer.

  • Diving for beginners for two people, with two nights’ accommodation plus breakfast and a free welcome dinner for €185 per person.
  • Advanced diving with three dives for two people, with two nights’ accommodation plus breakfast and a free welcome dinner for €235 per person.
  • Introduction to diving course for two people, with four nights’ accommodation plus breakfast and a free welcome dinner for €600 per person.

Come and discover the spectacular coastal surroundings of Mar de Pulpí and enjoy a different kind of experience. You won’t regret it! Find out more today.


Two weeks of active rest in an exceptional place by the sea

Get away from your daily and busy routine, change your inner rhythm, take your time, breath… live!

Allow yourself to be in contact with exceptionally tranquil place made especially for this. Agreeable weather and long walks by the sea will help you reach peace of mind.

Price includes:

  • 14 nights accommodation in a fully equipped apartment
  • Welcome lunch
  • Farewell dinner at one of the resort’s restaurants
  • Free access to our gym: scheduled classes under professional supervision.
  • 3 days bicycle rental (1/2 day) to explore fantastic surroundings.
  • A trip on our Sports Centre boat to discover the Bay and Terreros Island.

Price per person: from 499 euro
Activity for: 2 persons
Max occupancy: 4 persons

Technical details:

  • The personal trainer will conduct a brief study of your physical condition to fit your needs and develop a training program tailored for you.
  • You will be able to enjoy of all the group sessions and all the gym facilities.
  • You can book your stay in any of our scheduled events.

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Mar de Pulpí Fitness

5 days of active rest in an exceptional place by the sea

Change your enviroment, your rhythm, is not just healthy, it’s healing: it makes you aware of your stress level before it manifest damage and identifies the toxic routines of your daily life.

If you add to that a program in which various sport activities tailored to your physical condition and your fitness goals in a place especially designed to enjoy activity and relax, the results are incredible.

The price includes:

  • 4 nights with breakfast included in an apartment fully equipped
  • 1 welcome dinner in one of the restaurants of the complex
  • A sports activity program so you can discover our facilities. Includes: Cycling route, Pilates class, Hiking trail, Training circuit and Yoga.

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